Series 11 - Episode 10 Skin



Abby is kidnapped by two gang members who want her to treat an injured friend. Susan gets sick of having her orders ignored by the rest of the team, and Neela has problems understanding the needs of her patients. Medical drama, starring Maura Tierney, Sherry Stringfield and Parminder Nagra.

Cast & Crew

Abby Lockhart Maura Tierney
Dr Susan Lewis Sherry Stringfield
Dr Neela Rasgotra Parminder Nagra
Dr John Carter Noah Wyle
Dr Luka Kovac Goran Visnjic
Dr Kerry Weaver Laura Innes
Dr Gregory Pratt Mekhi Phifer
Nurse Samantha Taggart Linda Cardellini
Wendall Meade Madchen Amick
Jane Figler Sara Gilbert
Jerry Markovic Abraham Benrubi
Ms Mitchell Alexandra Billings
Director Stephen Cragg
Executive Producer John Wells
Writer Dee Johnson
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