The Providers

Series 11 - Episode 12 The Providers



Carter treats a teenage patient, and begins to suspect the drug she was taking was released to the public before it had been properly tested. Investigating further, he discovers the neurologist who recommended the treatment is a former student of his. Elsewhere, Abby and Luka both find themselves having to reject the advances of residents under their tutelage. Medical drama, starring Noah Wyle, Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic.

Cast & Crew

Dr John Carter Noah Wyle
Abby Lockhart Maura Tierney
Dr Luka Kovac Goran Visnjic
Dr Neela Rasgotra Parminder Nagra
Jake Scanlon Eion Bailey
Dr Susan Lewis Sherry Stringfield
Nurse Samantha Taggart Linda Cardellini
Dr Ray Barnett Shane West
Dr Kerry Weaver Laura Innes
Director Christopher Chulack
Writer David Zabel
Writer Michael Crichton
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