The Paradise

Series 1 - Episode 2



Handsome Paradise department store boss John Moray (Emun Elliott) gets artistic in his sitting room as he thinks of comely, doe-eyed ladieswear assistant Denise. But he’s distracted by the arrival of his silly fiancée and her even sillier friend, an airhead shopaholic in a hat.

But the shopaholic, Jocelin (Olivia Hallinan from Lark Rise to Candleford) is a troubled woman, with a pain that cannot be cured by three sets of lovely new gloves. It’s the second episode of Bill Gallagher’s lush escapist drama that must surely already be the campest show on television — the swags, the pastel shades and those pale blue
fixtures and fittings.


A wealthy customer's erratic spending concerns the staff but pleases Moray - although when Sam helps the woman out, her grateful thanks lead to a misunderstanding that threatens his career and the store's reputation. Miss Audrey is tasked with leading the Miss Paradise Pink promotion. However, when she gets flustered, she turns to Denise for help, giving the new shopgirl an opportunity to really shine in the boss's eyes. Period drama, starring Joanna Vanderham, Sarah Lancashire, Olivia Hallinan, Stephen Wight and Emun Elliott.

Cast & Crew

Moray Emun Elliott
Denise Joanna Vanderham
Clara Sonya Cassidy
Sam Stephen Wight
Pauline Ruby Bentall
Miss Audrey Sarah Lancashire
Dudley Matthew McNulty
Arthur Finn Burridge
Jocelin Brookmire Olivia Hallinan
Katherine Glendenning Elaine Cassidy
Jonas David Hayman
Edmund Lovett Peter Wight
Lord Glendenning Patrick Malahide
Director David Drury
Producer Simon Lewis
Writer Bill Gallagher
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