Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Episode 7969



It’s Spanish night at Roy’s Rolls, which means Mary’s tripping over her ruffled flamenco dress and spilling gazpacho all over the lino. Still, the scent of paella wafting out the door is enough to tempt punters away from neighbouring venues – even Rita (who wouldn’t ordinarily forego her nightly vodka at the Rovers) gives it a whirl and has a surprising conversation with Emily and Norris about zumba classes.

There’s no such innocent pleasure for Maria and Marcus, who share a guilty snog. Yes, that’s the gay Marcus kissing the distinctly female Maria. And they can’t even blame the sangria because they’re in Maria’s flat at the time.


Maria looks to Marcus for support as she prepares for her test results, and on returning home she confesses how much he means to her, before moving in for a kiss. Mary steals business from Nick with a Spanish night at the cafe, and Brian overhears Wendy making Ken an offer he finds hard to refuse.

Cast & Crew

Maria Connor Samia Ghadie
Marcus Dent Charlie Condou
Mary Taylor Patti Clare
Nick Tilsley Ben Price
Brian Packham Peter Gunn
Wendy Papadopoulos Roberta Kerr
Ken Barlow William Roache
Director Alan Grint
Producer Phil Collinson
Writer Martyn Hesford
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