Family Meeting

Series 1 - Episode 2 Family Meeting



Cuckoo pats his jacket-potato van lovingly. “If a fast-food van can save the world,” he says, eyes alight, “and I think it can, then this is the van to do it.” There’s little wonder Cuckoo’s father-in-law Ken is at the end of his tether. There’s a party to celebrate Cuckoo joining the family – but he’s the least of Ken’s worries.

Larger-than-life comedian Greg Davies plays Ken and gleefully overacts, his face crumpling like a toddler’s, mid-tantrum. American actor Andy Samberg is his vacuous foil Cuckoo, oozing sincerity as he spouts utter tosh. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the cast can’t compete with these two caricatures and when they’re off screen the gags flounder.


Ken decides to lay down some ground rules for Cuckoo, so proposes everyone attend a family meeting. However, the decisions he makes have disastrous consequences at Rachel's homecoming party. Comedy, starring Greg Davies and Andy Samberg.

Cast & Crew

Cuckoo Andy Samberg
Ken Greg Davies
Rachel Tamla Kari
Lorna Helen Baxendale
Dylan Tyger Drew-Honey
Director Ben Taylor
Producer Dan Hine
Writer Kieron Quirke
Writer Robin French
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