Series 1 - Episode 1



An Army wife does a sexy dance to Adele’s Rumour Has It for her soldier husband via webcam, until his mates burst onto the screen with ribald comments.

Jan McVerry’s coarse and noisy drama about Army wives – left at home while their partners serve in Afghanistan – lays its obvious hand
of cards on the table right from the start. There’s no subtlety here as
the wives get drunk in a club, singing loudly on the dance floor before real life intervenes once more.

Homefront has strong soap opera antecedents (its producer Kim Crowther used to run Coronation Street), so the emoting levels are gruesomely high.


Drama following four women linked to soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Tasha's world comes crashing down when her husband is killed in action, while his mum Paula is desperate for someone to blame. Officer's wife-to-be Claire sets a date for her wedding before fiance Pete returns to duty, and Louise receives an anonymous picture message from Camp Bastion suggesting husband Joe has been unfaithful. Starring Claire Skinner, Nicola Stephenson, Antonia Thomas and Clare Higgins.

Cast & Crew

Claire Marshbrook Claire Skinner
Paula Raveley Clare Higgins
Louise Mancetta Nicola Stephenson
Tasha Raveley Antonia Thomas
Joe Mancetta Warren Brown
Sgt Howard Raveley George Costigan
Millie Bartham Rosie Day
Adam Smeeton Dean Anthony Fagan
Sgt Carl Haleford Daniel Francis
Hannah Mancetta Mackinley Guest
Julie Desford Carla Henry
Shannon Jessica Pearson
Padre John Phythian
Grace Mancetta Ocean Priest
Sgt Tom Raveley Chris Reilly
Alfie Raveley Charlie/Oliver Roberts
Sam Marshbrook Ceallach Spellman
Keeley Amy Strange
Maj Pete Bartham Greg Wise
Veg man Rowe David McClelland
Director Terry McDonough
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kim Crowther
Writer Jan McVerry
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