The Choir: Sing While You Work

Royal Mail Bristol

Series 1 - Episode 2 Royal Mail Bristol



Picking up an industry award for his last series, Gareth Malone summed up his formula along the lines of “I turn up somewhere. No one can sing. I wave my arms about a lot. There’s a big concert. Everyone cries.” It’s a routine that keeps packing ’em in as Malone takes his choral pleasures to the Royal Mail in Bristol, an organisation where morale is flatlining and the employees resent change.

In one lovely scene, Malone asks what song his new recruits would like to sing. One wag suggests Bowie’s Changes, while another pipes up with a Smiths song: “I was looking for a job and then I found a job/And heaven knows I’m miserable now...”

They settle on something more up-beat and by the end we’ve seen (and heard) more proof of the power of music to make the world a slightly better place.


Gareth Malone continues his quest to form choirs at workplaces around Britain by visiting a Royal Mail office in Bristol. He searches for hidden singing talent among managers and delivery workers, and initially encounters a mixed response to his ideas - but the novice choristers start to bond as rehearsals get under way, and Gareth discovers a strong sense of pride among them.
Music Documentary