Episode 4504



Syed is a man in need of someone to confide in. He’s about to drown in all the disinfectant and floor cleaner he’s failed to sell and is constantly staring at figures on a calculator that refuse to add up. Enter handsome Danny (Footballers’ Wives star Gary Lucy) as an Argee Bahjee customer who’s ready to listen to his tales of woe.

Phil, though, has no such money worries. He has big plans to redecorate the living area of the Vic and is making himself feel very much at home – mainly by sleeping in his clothes on the sofa, stealing Jean’s fry-ups and spitting mouthwash into the kitchen sink. What a charmer he is.


Syed struggles to keep his family from finding out about his debt, but receives unexpected advice from an intriguing stranger at the Argee Bhajee. Joey spots a chance to teach Derek a lesson when he offers to help out at R&R. Roxy is unnerved by gossip and Lucy feels unsure about her love life. Gary Lucy (The Bill, Footballers' Wives) joins the cast.

Cast & Crew

Syed Masood Marc Elliott
Joey Branning David Witts
Derek Branning Jamie Foreman
Roxy Mitchell Rita Simons
Lucy Beale Hetti Bywater
Danny Pennant Gary Lucy
Director Piotr Szkopiak
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Writer Rebecca Wojciechowski
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