Jack Irish: Bad Debts

Jack Irish: Bad Debts



Guy Pearce is on splendid form in this excellent Australian crime drama, based on the first of the Jack Irish novels by Peter Temple. Irish is a criminal lawyer who has quit his job after a tragedy and is now killing time as a PI, debt-collecting race-fixer… and carpenter. But a missed phone call from an old client reels back the years and Jack is reluctantly forced back into a world he thought he’d left behind.

With corrupt cops, politicians and planners, a nice line in wry humour,
a colourful Melbourne setting and oodles of atmosphere from a host of quirky minor characters, it’s a shame this is hidden away on FX: it would fit ideally on BBC4 on a Saturday night. There’s another story next week.


Former criminal lawyer Jack Irish receives a troubling phone message from ex-client Danny McKillop, but is determined to keep himself out of trouble. However, when Danny turns up dead the next day, Jack is forced to confront his past and re-enter a dark world he thought he had escaped for good. Guy Pearce stars as the troubled PI in the first of three films based on the Australian crime thrillers by Peter Temple.