Series 4 - Episode 5 Legacy



Big John Cooper gets his Los Angeles Police Department 20-year service badge. It’s two years too late, no one is ever awarded these things on time, but Coop is phlegmatic – he’ll complete his “tour of duty”, no problem, he’s
not going anywhere.

It’s very much a Coop episode as he and his partner Tang deal with the daily madness on the meanest of streets in the meanest of cities.

The mood is lighter than usual as the cops play elaborate practical jokes on one another, though urban warfare and violent death are never far away. There’s a drive-by shooting and the magnificent Lydia and her partner are called to a “home invasion” with a bloody outcome.

But, by the end, we’re back with a reflective Coop as he has a Tears for Fears moment. Perfect.


John tries to save a suicidal teenager, and Sammy persuades a former addict to be an informant - with devastating consequences. Tang is visited by a familiar face from her past, while Lydia and Ruben investigate a supposed break-in that seems to have been staged to cover up a more serious crime.