Follow That Star!

Series 14 - Episode 148 Follow That Star!



It’s been an emotional week for Kevin. Having been introduced by Nadia (Hema Mangoo) to his half-brother Zarif (Asif Khan), Kevin was furious to realise the only reason for the meeting was because their father needs a bone marrow transplant and he could be a match. But despite Kevin’s anger, he’s also hurt to discover that his dad may not even accept his help. In fact he said Kevin’s a part of his life he’d rather forget.

Meanwhile, Howard takes the plunge and hesitantly asks out Gina (Victoria Pritchard). There’s an obvious attraction between them but is a session at the gym quite the romantic setting Howard had in mind?


A recently divorced woman invites Chris along to her daughter's nativity performance to make her former husband jealous. Kevin's sister reveals a painful truth, while Howard plucks up the courage to call Gina. Medical drama series, starring Nathan Wright.