Weight Loss Ward

Weight Loss Ward

Episode 1



“Big lad, isn’t he?” says the consultant surgeon. Indeed, he is. Terry is in his 20s, 6ft 7in tall and weighs 47 stone. He can’t fit through the door of his bathroom and has stopped venturing upstairs or outside. He’s one of the patients at Sunderland Royal Hospital’s specialist ward catering for the growing number of obese people who turn to surgery for help.

Their consultant, the pointedly named Peter Small, believes procedures such as gastric balloons (a device in your stomach to make you feel full) offer value for money in terms of the other health problems they prevent. But only if the patients resist the sweets trolley that, bafflingly, visits the ward.


The first of a two-part documentary following staff at Sunderland Royal Hospital's obesity unit, one of the busiest in the UK, with thousands going under the knife in an attempt to lose weight. At 47 stone, 29-year-old Terry presents doctors with one of their biggest challenges when he's admitted to the ward for an indefinite stay. But before Terry can have surgery, he must confront his eating habits.