Margate Sands

Series 3 - Episode 12 Margate Sands



If Boardwalk ever decided to try a spin-off series, they’d be spoilt for choice for who to base it on. There would be a great drama in the shady life of Arnold Rothstein, the tea-sipping New York crime boss who at times appears to manipulate every other gangster in America from the comfort of his living room. Chalky White, saturnine leader of Atlantic City’s black community, would make a great central character for another series. As would Stephen Graham’s pint-sized version of Al Capone.

Tonight, series three climaxes with a gang war in Atlantic City and some exquisite plot twists. It is merciless, beautiful, nightmarish and unlike anything else on TV.


Gyp Rosetti's alliance with Mafia don Joe Masseria backs Nucky into a corner and he is forced to cede control of one of his prized assets to Arnold Rothstein. Elsewhere, Lucky Luciano has to take on a new partner to help him smuggle and distribute heroin after being arrested in New York, while Chalky and Al Capone put their enmity on hold to take on Masseria's henchmen. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Nucky Thompson Steve Buscemi
Margaret Thompson Kelly Macdonald
Nelson Van Alden Michael Shannon
Eli Thompson Shea Whigham
Chalky White Michael Kenneth Williams
Richard Harrow Jack Huston
Mickey Doyle Paul Sparks
Arnold Rothstein Michael Stuhlbarg
Al Capone Stephen Graham
Lucky Luciano Vincent Piazza
Gillian Darmody Gretchen Mol
Meyer Lansky Anatol Yusef
Gyp Rosetti Bobby Cannavale
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