The Killing III

Series 3 - Episode 9 The Killing III



I can hardly bear to think about it: after tonight there will be no more The Killing and no more Sarah Lund. Though both have been in our lives for but a short time, their impact has been enormous, way beyond anything anyone could ever have imagined as they sat down to watch those first 20 episodes of a gloomy, humourless Danish crime drama in January last year.

Twenty episodes? With subtitles? And it’s so dark. Don’t they have electric light in Denmark? How foolish we were! The Killing, or Forbrydelsen as we smarty-pants fans like to call it, grew into an object of passion and love. Now it must end, and we must say farewell to Lund and Sofie Grabol. But before we cluster together for a group hug, we face the final two episodes in the hunt for little Emilie Zeuthen.


Sarah is held back in her attempts to make headway with the investigation, while the perpetrator finally has a face. Elsewhere, prime minister Kamper must clean up his circle as he tries to find out what happened to his son. Danish drama, starring Sofie Grabol.

Cast & Crew

Sarah Lund Sofie Grabol
Kristian Kamper Olaf Johannessen
Maja Zeuthen Helle Fagralid
Robert Zeuthen Anders W Berthelsen
Asbjorn Juncker Sigurd Holmen le Dous
Mathias Borch Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Lennart Brix Morten Suurballe
Director Hans Fabian Wullenweber
Producer Piv Bernth
Writer Soren Sveistrup
Writer Torleif Hoppe
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