I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus

Series 27 - Episode 16 I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus



Who’d have thought that grouchy Dylan would ever take Tom’s side in an argument with Dominic? “Tom thinks you are arrogant and complacent and that the patients suffer as a result. And today you proved him right!” he snaps, when Dominic makes a bad decision over a baby with severe hypothermia who’s been trapped in a car that had rolled into a freezing cold canal. It’s not the only surprising thing Dylan does.

Meanwhile, two men both dressed as Father Christmas are involved in a robbery that goes wrong. In fact A&E is positively awash with bearded chaps wearing red suits — including one who’s been poked in the eye by a stroppy kid. It’s Bobby Ball.


Tensions rise once again between warring medics Tom and Dominic as they argue over the treatment of a baby with severe hypothermia, while Dylan finally admits he has not moved on from Sam. Medical drama, starring Oliver Coleman, Gary Cady and William Beck.
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