Series 5 - Episode 20 Prey



A voice coach is murdered in a theatre and as the ensuing investigation gathers pace, Stella is given cause to believe someone is playing the CSIs at their own game. Flack checks the victim's criminal record and discovers he had been in trouble for stalking, turning the spotlight on one of the women he harassed. Guest starring singer Katharine McPhee, with Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes.

Cast & Crew

Dana Melton Katharine McPhee
Det Mac Taylor Gary Sinise
Det Stella Bonasera Melina Kanakaredes
Det Danny Messer Carmine Giovinazzo
Det Don Flack Eddie Cahill
Dr Sheldon Hawkes Hill Harper
Adam Ross AJ Buckley
Dr Sid Hammerback Robert Joy
Det Lindsay Monroe Anna Belknap
Gavin Skidmore Michael Trevino
Det Jessica Angell Emmanuelle Vaugier
Phillip Langdon Eddie Mills
Professor P Odessa Shaw Tony Amendola
Director Marshall Adams
Writer Wendy Battles
Writer Noah Nelson
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