Little Grudges

Series 1 - Episode 1



Bonnie runs a picture-postcard-perfect café in Bridport, Dorset, with pristine net curtains, coffee people travel miles for and a delectable menu of homemade fare. But all is not as it seems in this haven of happiness.

There are evil pixies everywhere, who feed off the misery of human beings. These are the little grudges of this series of linked mini-dramas. Each grudge is fed by human misery and sadness, and the pixies are getting more nourishment than the café’s clients or workers.

Writer Hattie Naylor used the experiences of Radio 4 listeners to craft this warm-hearted comedy. Prunella Scales shines as the café’s owner, Bonnie (by name, but not necessarily by nature) and Hannah Gordon plays her hormonally-challenged best friend, Ellie.


By Hattie Naylor. The customers at Bonnie's cosy cafe relax in the comfort of their genteel surroundings, all the while ruminating on their secret grudges. Comedy, starring Prunella Scales, Hannah Gordon and Tom Glenister, and inspired by the reported experiences of Radio 4 listeners. Broadcast earlier as part of Woman's Hour.