Storage Hoarders

Storage Hoarders

Series 1 - Episode 1



One of the few businesses to have withstood the economic downturn is self-storage, those edge-of-town warehouses where you pay to keep junk you don’t want in your house.

There are lots of reasons for using self-storage. Some hoarders have no space at home, others have a sentimental attachment to their stuff, and a few can’t decide what needs to be chucked out. This daily series, hosted by Aggie MacKenzie and antiques expert Gillian Anderson Price, uses a clutter-busting format along the lines of The Life Laundry and Cash in the Attic to challenge hoarders to rummage through their units and either bin things or sell them.


Aggie MacKenzie challenges hoarders to rummage through their belongings and turn unused items into money. Aggie and antiques expert Gillian Anderson Price meet a man who finds it impossible to give up his storage obsession, and a woman who cannot detach herself from her many possessions because of the sentimental memories associated with them.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Aggie MacKenzie
Contributor Gillian Anderson Price
Director Jessica Parrish
Executive Producer Rachel Innes-Lumsden
Producer Jessica Parrish
Series Producer Maria Knowles
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