The Poison Tree

The Poison Tree

Series 1 - Episode 1



ITV is adept at turning out these neat adaptations of established novels, in this case author Erin Kelly’s atmospheric debut. MyAnna Buring is Karen, a northern student studying in London who falls into the orbit of flighty, whimsical Biba.

Biba (Ophelia Lovibond) and her handsome brother Rex (Matthew Goode) live in a beautiful, rambling house in north London; naive Karen is soon lured into their dissolute circle, spending an idyllic summer whiling away the hours in a haze of booze and sex. The story runs along two strands — we flash backwards to the start of the trio’s relationship from the present day, when Rex emerges from prison to return home with Karen and their daughter.

Someone is watching this family in their clapboard home by the sea as they try to build a new life. But why? As always with psychological crime thrillers, the answer lies in the past. Part two is next week.


Part one of two. Psychological thriller based on the novel by Erin Kelly, starring MyAnna Buring as a woman haunted by tragic events that took place 12 years ago. Flashbacks reveal Karen Clarke's story from the moment she entered the extraordinary world of Biba and Rex to reveal the secrets she is hiding. Now living on the Kent coast with Rex, following his release from prison, and their daughter Alice, Karen is stalked by a mysterious stranger and desperate to protect her family. With Matthew Goode, Ophelia Lovibond, Hebe Johnson and Patrick Baladi.

Cast & Crew

Karen Clarke MyAnna Buring
Biba Capel Ophelia Lovibond
Rex Clarke Matthew Goode
Alice Clarke Hebe Johnson
Francis Patrick Baladi
Max Capel Ralph Brown
Sean Hennessy Neil McKinven
Lenny Lex Shrapnel
Dawn Naomi Bentley
Lara Helena Pardey-Yaralli
Jules Capel Nathalie Cox
Probation officer Sean Francis
Director Marek Losey
Executive Producer Margaret Enefer
Producer Madonna Baptiste
Writer Emilia di Girolamo
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