The Town

Series 1 - Episode 2



The Town’s raffish mayor (wonderful Martin Clunes) is ready for yet another photo opportunity at the opening of yet another building. But he’s looking to his legacy: “Open everything you can,” he advises his long-suffering lieutenant, “it earns respect.” Well, only until he tells a cheeky child to “p*** off”.

It’s little moments like these that make The Town such a triumph. Everyone has a part to play, including the disreputable mayor, in the central story of angry, unhappy Mark (Andrew Scott), his younger sister Jodie who is adrift and reckless, and their almost invisible gran. Their little family unit looks as if it’s broken beyond repair when a long-kept secret emerges.

For Mark, nothing in his life fits, which leads him to seek comfort where he really shouldn’t.


Mark is beginning to adjust to life in the town and finds a temporary position with the mayor's deputy at the council offices where his mum used to work, but he stumbles across a devastating secret about her that leaves him reeling. Meanwhile, teenage sister Jodie seems to be going off the rails, mixing with a dangerous older boy from school, and grandmother Betty starts a job at a local hotel, where she strikes up an odd friendship with a younger man. Drama, starring Andrew Scott, Avigail Tlalim, Charlotte Riley, Julia McKenzie and Gerard Kearns.

Cast & Crew

Mark Andrew Scott
Betty Julia McKenzie
Jodie Avigail Tlalim
Len Martin Clunes
Shireen Goldy Notay
Daniel Gerard Kearns
Insp Franks Douglas Hodge
Carly Aisling Bea
Lucy Kelly Adams
Alice Charlotte Riley
Ann Dorothy Atkinson
Ashley Callum Turner
Karl Jon Foster
Pam Lizzie Hopley
Barry Tim Steed
Harry Toby Regbo
Jeff Sam Troughton
Isabella Hanako Rose
Hannah Cate Hamer
Photographer Paul Longely
Kid Michael Olatunji
Police constable Laurence Hobbs
Police officer Dylan Charles
Director Colin Teague
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Simon Curtis
Executive Producer Matthew Justice
Producer Luke Alkin
Writer Mike Bartlett
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