The Hour

Series 2 - Episode 5



Freddie gives his producer Bel a helpful little guide to being a reporter: “We’re journalists, this is what we do. We pursue the best, most important story!”

Bel, having put her nightclub source in the path of danger last week, is remorseful: “Oh God, what have we done?” she wails. She wants to drop the investigation into El Paradis but Freddie won’t hear of it. He’s a journalist, you see.

As The Hour pitter-patters to a close (the final episode is tomorrow), the gang decide that they can sniff the stench of corruption in high places and that the bad people must be exposed. Even a tempting offer from ITV can’t put Hector (Dominic West) off the scent.


When one of their sources is found dead in Soho, a shaken Bel wants the team to halt their pursuit of Cilenti - but Freddie is more determined than ever to carry on when he discovers a new lead. Meanwhile, Hector impresses executives in a meeting with ITV and is tempted by the prospect of a job alongside Marnie as the channel's golden couple, and Randall and Lix are drawn further together as they search for their daughter. The last episode of the series can be seen tomorrow at 9pm.