Is Our Weather Getting Worse?

Is Our Weather Getting Worse?


You can’t go far wrong with a documentary about the British weather. After a tough and very strange year, with a notably washed-out summer and the recent devastating autumnal floods, this programme asks various experts just what the heck is going on.

They have much to talk about, from the driest spring in a century that left great chunks of the country in drought, to the wettest summer on record with vulnerable towns flooding repeatedly.

Though 2012 was a notable year, the programme looks at the past decade and the pattern of increasingly erratic weather.


For hundreds of years, people have been documenting, recording and obsessing about the weather, and 2012 provided much to talk about, from droughts and gale-force winds to summer floods. With the use of archive footage, expert insight and computer graphics, this programme investigates the UK's most severe weather events of the past decade and puts them into the wider context of climate change.