Two Imposters

Series 3 - Episode 11 Two Imposters



For the brave souls who have stuck with this extraordinary series the rewards are coming now. From the start, this penultimate episode hits you like a double shot of moonshine on a hot day. Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), sometime emperor of Atlantic City, is on the run from Gyp Rosetti’s thugs. It’s the end of days.

But this is where BE’s lavish cast of gangster antiheroes comes into its own, as characters the writers have happily ignored for long stretches of plot time ride to the rescue. I’m thinking of Chalky White, ruler of the black side of town. He looks like Nucky’s last ally, but what an ally.


Nucky and his assistant are forced to seek refuge with local racketeer Chalky White when Rosetti makes his move in Atlantic City. Lucky Luciano makes a deal he could regret, war veteran Richard Harrow loses his house privileges and Gillian contemplates the future. Drama set during the 1920s, starring Steve Buscemi and Michael Kenneth Williams.

Cast & Crew

Nucky Thompson Steve Buscemi
Margaret Thompson Kelly Macdonald
Nelson Van Alden Michael Shannon
Eli Thompson Shea Whigham
Chalky White Michael Kenneth Williams
Jack Huston Richard Harrow
Mickey Doyle Paul Sparks
Arnold Rothstein Michael Stuhlbarg
Al Capone Stephen Graham
Lucky Luciano Vincent Piazza
Gillian Darmody Gretchen Mol
Meyer Lansky Anatol Yusef
Gyp Rosetti Bobby Cannavale
Director Allen Coulter
Executive Producer Martin Scorsese
Executive Producer Terence Winter
Executive Producer Stephen Levinson
Producer Rick Yorn
Writer Howard Korder
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