The Kindness of Strangers

Series 5 - Episode 10 The Kindness of Strangers



Without any kind of “Previously on Merlin”, it’s hard to remember the many priests and princesses, sorcerers and sprites who come and go. This week sees the return of the mysterious Alator of the Catha (Gary Lewis), whom we last saw more than a year ago. He’s the wizard who tortured Gaius (on Morgana’s orders) for information but then switched sides and rescued Merlin from her clutches. Alator’s knowledge now makes him the focus of a Morgana manhunt, with Merlin (Colin Morgan) the ultimate target.

So our magical hero turns to Finna (Sorcha Cusack) for help. But what is her agenda? Who can Merlin trust? And who votes to see Colin Morgan’s showstopping drag act again?


Morgana is desperate to find the warlock's alter-ego Emrys, and seeks help from an old foe, the powerful wizard Alator. Merlin's life has never been in more danger, so when the mysterious Finna offers to help him, is he right to trust her? Gary Lewis and Sorcha Cusack guest star, with Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath, Bradley James and Angel Coulby.