The Blame Game

Series 27 - Episode 15 The Blame Game



It’s strange how some cases come back to haunt A&E. A five-year-old girl is brought in after collapsing with febrile convulsions. Guess who is her mouthy older sister.

None other than Nicole, the girlfriend of argumentative footballer Jay who was left paralysed after the road crash he caused while drunk. Nicole’s furious about what she perceives as the paramedics’ dereliction of duty, announcing to the media she’s taking legal action. Meanwhile, the tension between Tom and Dominic escalates into a physical brawl.


Tamzin discovers the abusive ex-footballer whose neck she failed to immobilise is bringing a legal case against the Ambulance Trust, threatening her career. Will she tell the truth about her conduct on the day or will Jeff cover for her? A teenager is brought in after an accident at a shopping centre only for old enemies Dominic and Tom to argue over the best course of treatment - a disagreement that ends with one of them lashing out. Medical drama, starring Gemma Atkinson, Matt Bardock, Oliver Coleman and Gary Cady.
Drama Soap