North Pole Ice Airport

North Pole Ice Airport

Series 1 - Episode 1



For nearly a month every spring, an airfield is created in the Arctic, 25 miles or so from the North Pole. It serves a motley assortment of scientists, adventurers and tourists. But just creating Ice Camp Barneo is a mammoth undertaking: the construction crew (and their equipment) have to parachute
onto the ice to create a runway for an aircraft to land with supplies.

This new series follows Barneo’s mainly Russian staff and its visitors, including a group of Brits on a charity trek. “I was born in Slough — the North Pole might as well be the Moon,” says John on arrival.


Documentary about temporary ice base Barneo in the Arctic, from which tourists, scientists and explorers set out to conquer, investigate and discover the secrets of the North Pole. In the first episode, Russian paratroopers skydive onto the frozen Arctic Ocean to carve out a runway on the drifting ice, while 600 miles away in the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen the logistics team handles the demands of the hundreds of visitors heading for the area. Among the polar hopefuls are six UK office workers raising money for charity, and 20-year-old American Johnny Strange, who is attempting to enter the record books as the youngest person to climb the highest peak on each continent and stand at both poles.