The League of Gentlemen: Christmas Special

The League of Gentlemen: Christmas Special



Joy of warped joys – turn the clock back to 2000 for a Christmas special that delivers as many shivers as titters. Reece Shearsmith drags up as rancid Reverend Bernice, who lobs urine-soaked snowballs at Santa and hears three uncanny tales from her parishioners. All are brilliantly told, but the best deals with vampires in 1970s Duisburg. Only the comedy genius Steve Pemberton could wring such pathos from the paedophile choirmaster Herr Lipp (“Don’t let the b****r bite you”), while Mark Gatiss is hilariously severe as Lotte, his wife (“Aber nicht im Bett”/but not in bed). And what Christmas would be complete without a visit from wife-stealing maniac Papa Lazarou (Shearsmith, terrifying and almost unrecognisable)? Sublime stuff.

Pemberton and Shearsmith will be back this Christmas with a deliciously retro Inside No 9.


In this yuletide visit to Royston Vasey, vitriolic local vicar Bernice Woodall is forced to listen to three spooky tales from some of her oddest parishioners, including Mr Chinnery, whose gothic Victorian tale may hold the secret to his veterinary incompetence. Comedy, first shown in 2000, from Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.

Cast & Crew

Various characters Mark Gatiss
Various characters Steve Pemberton
Various characters Reece Shearsmith
Donna Liza Tarbuck
Dr Magnus Purblind Freddie Jones
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