An Island Parish

Blue Skies Around the Corner

Series 7 - Episode 4 Blue Skies Around the Corner



The people of Sark are in a sombre mood following the fatal carriage crash shown in last week’s edition. But they’re not down for long, because there’s the annual scarecrow competition to look forward to. And what a jolly affair
it is, despite the delightfully named committee chairman Puffin Taylor upsetting Anglican minister Gill Nicholls by disqualifying her splendid Henry VIII scarecrow.

The island’s social whirl continues with the Sark Folk Festival, which
local businesses rely on to swell their income. Even laconic fisherman Dominic manages a half-smile, not because he has a new girlfriend (horse trainer Julie), but because he makes a nice profit selling fresh grilled lobster to the folkies.


The islanders of Sark do their best to return to normal life following a carriage accident that led to the death of a tourist. The chair of the carnival committee encourages people to take part in the annual scarecrow competition and passes the honour of judging it to Rev Gill Nicholls - who is unaware it means that her own ambitious entry will be disqualified. Meanwhile, shepherd and musician David Scott nervously rehearses with his band for one of the biggest events in the island's calendar, the Sark Folk Festival.