The Stevie G Method

The Stevie G Method


Neil Stuke may well look back at his role as a bullying twerp in 1990s sitcom Game On with mixed feelings. But it got him noticed. Now he’s much in demand, which is more than can be said for his character in Gary Ogin’s amusing play.

Stevie, a struggling actor, is up against it, what with failing to secure the part of Willie the Woe-Stricken Weasel, and flatmate Isobel (whom he secretly fancies) demanding he move out. But owing to a case of mistaken identity, he lands a job as a psychotherapist. Can he possibly pull it off?

Mining his musical-theatre background, he develops a singalong brand of counselling that would impress even The Choir’s Gareth Malone. If you’re thinking this is highly improbable and a little silly, well it is — enjoyably so, thanks to Stuke’s sure-footedness and comedic touch.


By Gary Ogin. A struggling actor desperate for money accidentally lands a job as a psychotherapist, and unleashes his method acting techniques upon his patients. Starring Neil Stuke and Katie McGuinness, featuring music composed and performed by Russell Taylor and Steve Cooke.