The Silent and the Damned - Part Two

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Silent and the Damned - Part Two



“Bad blood will out,” Manuela (Kerry Fox) warns her brother Javier; she blames him for her son’s death (he was gored in a bullring). Indeed, bad blood is the motif of this final episode: Javier has it on his hands (gouging an eye from a corpse in the mortuary is just one of his misdeeds), and the wealthy Ortega family is harbouring an appalling secret.

Again there’s a sense of imbalance as high-calibre actors Robert Lindsay, Kenneth Cranham and Bill Paterson show up for minor parts, but let’s
hope Sky complete their ravishing adaptation of Robert Wilson’s four Falcón novels.


Part two of two. As the Chief Inspector tries to uncover the dark secrets that are key to finding the truth behind the multiple suicides, his enemies resort to extreme measures to prevent the truth coming out. However, threats to his leadership and revelations from the past tip him over the edge as he seeks solace in ever-increasing drug use. Crime drama, starring Marton Csokas and Emilia Fox.