The Fear

Series 1 - Episode 4



Having rescued a young woman from Vajkal's farmhouse, Richie is on the run - and in a state of full-blown dementia. Pursued by the police and Marin's gang, the Becketts are holed up in Cal's hideaway when Richie has a rare moment of clarity - but will it last long enough for him to save his family? Crime drama, starring Peter Mullan, Paul Nicholls, Harry Lloyd and Dragos Bucur.

Cast & Crew

Richie Beckett Peter Mullan
Jo Beckett Anastasia Hille
Matty Beckett Harry Lloyd
Cal Beckett Paul Nicholls
Seb Whiting Richard E Grant
Vajkal Demosthenes Chrysan
Marin Dragos Bucur
Davit Shaban Arifi
Zana Julia Ragnarsson
Wes Danny Sapani
John Freeman Simon Armstrong
Janice Goodchild Michelle Bonnard
Donny Nigel Lindsay
Jason Kemp Osy Ikhile
Curate Elliot Chapman
Donna Lisa McAllister
Lule Eline Powell
Young Jo Rebecca Tanwen
Milton's girl Catherine Winter
Alzheimer's woman Pameli Benham
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