Young Apprentice

Hair Product

Series 3 - Episode 6 Hair Product



This week, the branding task: the teams must dream up a hair-styling product, shoot an advert and pitch it to industry bigwigs. The shoot part is always cruel: one candidate generally gets carried away with all the glamour of the models and the cameras, goes a bit Spielberg, then comes crashing to earth in the boardroom as Lord Sugar ridicules their efforts. (I’d love to see an ad for a hair-styling product written and directed in a day by Lord Sugar, wouldn’t you?)

There are other mishaps: one team positions its product as something that will make you stand out, then opts to call it “Chameleon”.


The battle for the £25,000 business investment continues as Alan Sugar challenges the teenage entrepreneurs to brand hairstyling products. The hopefuls must shoot adverts and pitch their ideas to industry professionals, but one team's poor grasp of zoology could prove their downfall, while their rivals do themselves no favours by describing their product as `tacky'. As usual, everything comes to a head in the boardroom, where the result is announced, the winners get a treat and one of the losers gets the brush off.