The Inbetweeners USA


Series 1 - Episode 1 Pilot



MTV’s remake of the hit E4 comedy isn’t exactly bold. Will still arrives with his briefcase at a comprehensive school and still meets: Simon, a mild-mannered guy in love with his childhood friend Carly; Neil, an idiot; and Jay, who boasts about sexual exploits that have not in fact occurred. Will’s mother is dizzyingly attractive and they’re all plagued by a laconically cruel teacher. This first episode actually borrows the plot of the UK version’s second instalment, but you can still tick off events you saw in 2008.

So what else is there to enjoy? Not a huge amount, particularly as they don’t seem to have found a replacement for the British version’s unprintable vernacular. Instead there are four good leads, and a promise from showrunner Brad Copeland that there weren’t too many translatable British plots, so they’ll soon run out. Then we’ll see.


New series. Teenager Will McKenzie moves to a new high school, where Vice Principal Mr Gilbert assigns Jay, Neil and Simon to show him round - dashing his plans to start afresh and reinvent himself as a cool kid. In a bid to improve their status with their fellow students, the boys skip class and try to come up with a scheme to win over Carly, the girl of Simon's dreams. American version of the coming-of-age comedy, starring Joey Pollari, Bubba Lewis, Zack Pearlman and Mark L Young.