The Town

Series 1 - Episode 1



A seismic tragedy brings Mark back to his home town, somewhere he left years ago for London. He expects the old place and its people — his mates, his ex-girlfriend — to be as he remembered them. But everyone moves on, don’t they?

This hugely beguiling drama — the first television commission for award-winning playwright Mike Bartlett — smoulders brilliantly after first giving us a tremendous jolt. Slowly, we are pulled into Mark’s orbit as he tries to make sense of an unfathomable horror amid a sea of familiar faces. There are questions, but no one wants to give him answers. And what do the texted and emailed words “I know” mean?

To say any more about the plot would be wrong but The Town is shaping up to be a masterly ensemble drama with a terrific, starry cast. Andrew Scott is mesmerising as Mark, flapping in despair as his world crumbles, while Martin Clunes is just great as the town’s alcohol-soaked mayor.


In the aftermath of a family tragedy, 30-year-old Mark Nicholas returns to the town where he grew up, but after 10 years away, coming home is more difficult than he could ever have imagined. An influential mayor is now in charge and there's a claustrophobic sense that everyone knows everyone else's business. As Mark starts to be drawn back into the life he left behind, catching up with school friends and his first love, he must decide whether to stay permanently. Drama, starring Andrew Scott, Martin Clunes, Charlotte Riley, Julia McKenzie and Gerard Kearns.

Cast & Crew

Mark Andrew Scott
Betty Julia McKenzie
Jodie Avigail Tlalim
Len Martin Clunes
Shireen Goldy Notay
Daniel Gerard Kearns
Insp Franks Douglas Hodge
Carly Aisling Bea
Lucy Kelly Adams
Alice Charlotte Riley
Kate Siobhan Redmond
Tony Phil Davis
Harry Toby Regbo
Sarah Larissa Wilson
Steve Martin Savage
Jeff Sam Troughton
Sophie Jade Gill
Karl Jon Foster
Ann Dorothy Atkinson
Minister Cathy Sara
Director Colin Teague
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Simon Curtis
Executive Producer Matthew Justice
Producer Luke Alkin
Writer Mike Bartlett
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