The National Lottery Awards 2012

The National Lottery Awards 2012


Feeling aggrieved that you buy your ticket loyally every week yet you’ve never hit a jackpot? Then here’s a chance to celebrate the good causes your optimism has helped support.

The idea of the scheme is to honour the best community projects that have been made possible with funds from the National Lottery. There are all kinds of ventures, from arts enterprises such as Drumatik, a drumming group in West Fife, to environmental projects that include a grow-your-own food initiative in Brighton. Celebrities and Olympians will be on hand to present the awards and our host is John Barrowman. The show includes the usual Lottery draws.


Ceremony celebrating the work of 21 National Lottery-funded projects from around the UK, seven of which are honoured with an award, as voted for by the public. Featuring the all-important Lotto and Thunderball draws.