Why Poverty? The Great Land Rush

Why Poverty? The Great Land Rush



In the midst of a world food crisis, it’s become common for the richer countries of the world to lease huge tracts of agricultural land in poorer nations. This fascinating documentary looks at one planned sugar project in Mali that has divided farmers and activists. For some, it’s the chance to make the first step as commercial farmers; others want to hold on to the land that they’ve farmed for centuries — as one says, “The money will run out, but the land never runs out.” As long as you can agree who the land belongs to, of course.


Documentary by the Storyville team, exploring how farmers in Mali are seeing agricultural land being leased by rich nations such as China and Saudi Arabia for large commercial enterprises. With Malian peasants - who live in one of the world's poorest countries - claiming it is a form of imperialism, the programme examines how the issue raises questions about selling development to Africa.