The Fear

Series 1 - Episode 2



Dementia drama or crime thriller? The Fear isn’t sure which it wants to be. The second episode gives us a lot of close-ups of Peter Mullan’s pained, craggy face, and quite a few flashbacks and hallucinations (often the sign of a plot slowing down).

Mullan’s character, Brighton “businessman” Richie, is losing it. Losing his grip, losing his memory and losing his battle with the Albanian gang who have moved in on his turf. The trouble is, we get too much of the Lear’s-madness storyline and not enough of the gritty thriller we could reasonably expect. At least Richie’s cool, calm son Mattie, excellently played by Harry Lloyd, is starting to come into focus.


As the Becketts come under increasing pressure, Richie's mind deteriorates and he seeks help from former adversary Seb Whiting, now a respected plastic surgeon. For the sake of his family, Matty strikes a deal with Marin's gang, but it's his father who must negotiate with the injured Vajkal - and traumatic memories are triggered during the meeting, leaving Richie in a delusional state. Crime drama, starring Peter Mullan, Richard E Grant and Harry Lloyd.

Cast & Crew

Richie Beckett Peter Mullan
Jo Beckett Anastasia Hille
Matty Beckett Harry Lloyd
Seb Whiting Richard E Grant
Cal Beckett Paul Nicholls
Vajkal Demosthenes Chrysan
Marin Dragos Bucur
Davit Shaban Arifi
Zana Julia Ragnarsson
Wes Danny Sapani
John Freeman Simon Armstrong
Donny Nigel Lindsay
Eddie Timms Daniel Caltagirone
Janey Beckett Emily Beecham
Layla Liberty Mills
Mayor Brian Cavendish Des McAleer
Jason Kemp Osy Ikhile
Susie Eleanor Gecks
Milton Sidney Kean
Gordon Philips David Verrey
Donna Lisa McAllister
Millie Beckett Jocelyn Macnab
Young Suit Simon Victor
Young Jo Rebecca Tanwen
Young Seb David Grace
Milton's girl Catherine Winter
Director Michael Samuels
Executive Producer Simon Heath
Executive Producer Paul Stevens
Executive Producer Richard Cottan
Producer Timothy Bricknell
Writer Richard Cottan
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