Britain on Film: The Joy of Tech

Series 1 - Episode 5 Britain on Film: The Joy of Tech



The final edition is The Joy of Tech. Crisp colour footage from the 1960s shows how Britain revelled in and capitalised on the “press-button age”, as new technologies changed domestic life, industry and transport. It noses around Berkeley nuclear power station, an automated biscuit factory, the Post Office Tower and incredibly clunky computers like the original Ernie, which took days to draw the Premium Bonds.

A large section dwells on hover technology, meets inventor Christopher Cockerell, and shows many hover ideas that never really took off.


How technology transformed life in the 1960s, with items such as washing machines beginning to appear in homes and nuclear power being seen as an alternative to fossil fuels. Documentary using footage from a series of short, topical films screened in cinemas between 1959 and 1969.

Cast & Crew

Producer Donna Blackney