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Stephen Fry: Gadget Man: How to Skive

Series 1 - Episode 3 Stephen Fry: Gadget Man: How to Skive



At the climax of this edition, Stephen Fry’s tame engineers build a robotic version of the presenter, complete with an animatronic face. This Fry-bot then attends an awards ceremony in Stephen’s stead, while the man himself watches through the robot’s lenses from his sofa and talks to the crowd through his computer headset. Very sci-fi, but what about gadgets the rest of us can buy?

Tonight the focus is on tech that helps us skive or makes work more fun, from smart pens to voice recognition. Lord Sugar joins Fry to assess smartphones and a delightful Podtime sleeping capsule – just the thing for office power-naps.


Stephen looks at technology that can make work easier and more enjoyable, teaming up with Alan Sugar to test some of the latest labour-saving gadgets and playing around with some of the entrepreneur's early inventions. Other innovations include a pen that transcribes notes direct to a computer, a coffee machine that can be linked to a mobile phone, and an executive sleep pod. The presenter also attempts to build a robot version of himself, planning to send the replica in his place to attend an important awards ceremony.