Business Secrets of the Pharaohs

Series 8 - Episode 2 Business Secrets of the Pharaohs



So much derision flows between Croydon-based flat mates Jez (Robert Webb) and Mark (David Mitchell), it’s easy to forget that underneath it they need one another in a terrible, attraction-of-opposites kind of way.
They’re forever in a sort of losers’ arm-wrestling match, competing to belittle each other into oblivion, then occasionally one will save the other from disaster. It’s almost heart-warming, or as near as this marvellously bitter series gets.

Tonight, the pair are both on new career paths: Mark’s book Business Secrets of the Pharaohs has found a publisher, while Jez is learning to be a life coach (a whole week’s intensive training).

Naturally, Mark is scathing about Jez’s new calling: “I suppose it’s better than some of your job ideas, like becoming an admiral,” he sneers, but by the end he may just have softened.


Mark feels the need to impress Dobby and gets a lucky break when his book Business Secrets of the Pharaohs is accepted by a publisher. Jeremy enrols on a life-coaching course, but things become complicated when he sleeps with his tutor. Comedy, starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Cast & Crew

Mark David Mitchell
Jeremy Robert Webb
Dobby Isy Suttie
Super Hans Matt King
Celia Nadia Cameron-Blakey
Greg Tim Downie
Abby O'Neil Patrick Kennedy
Simon Mat Baynton
Trish Charlie Covell
Waitress Rakhee Thakrar
Director Becky Martin
Producer Phil Clarke
Writer Jesse Armstrong
Writer Sam Bain
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