The Hour

Series 2 - Episode 4



Head of news Randall Brown won’t let Freddie Lyon and Bel Rowley go on air with a half-baked, potentially libellous story. “Without analysis? Without evidence? Dig deeper, go further, find new sources,” he barks. As if the BBC would ever go on air with something so potentially explosive without checking it thoroughly first. The very idea!

Bel and Freddie are convinced there are dark deeds at El Paradis, which appears to be London’s only nightclub, and they want to expose the web of corruption at its heart. Bel’s such a klutz, she manages to put her source in serious danger. But never mind, because Hector finds a scoop all by himself.


Freddie and Bel make startling discoveries about the extent of Soho club-owner Cilenti's influence - but fear they may have gone too far in pursuit of the story when a source puts herself in mortal danger. Hector confronts old demons with Laurie and risks upsetting the team by protecting his best friend, while Lix and Randall receive uplifting news.