Crime Stories

Series 1 - Episode 14



The detectives investigate a case of aggravated burglary and assault that has left the victim, Joseph, unconscious in hospital. Discovered by his best friend and tenant Andrea Marshall, who had recently been in Australia and claims to be clueless as to why he was even in her flat, Joseph is soon suspected of using the place as a love nest to carry out an affair. Drama filmed in the format of a documentary, guest starring Siobhan Hayes (My Family), Rupert Hill (Coronation Street) and Michelle Gayle (EastEnders).

Cast & Crew

DS Ben Shaw Ben Hull
DI Jane Preston Jane Antrobus
Andrea Marshall Siobhan Hayes
Glen Lawson Rupert Hill
Joy Harvey Michelle Gayle
Mel Bradley Aryana Ramkhalawon
Actor Tom Butcher
Executive Producer Paul Marquess
Producer Donna Wiffen
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