Rocket's Island

Rocket's Island

Series 1 - Episode 1



Rocket and Ali Boulsworth are used to having temporary siblings. Their parents foster troubled kids on their idyllic Isle of Man farm. But Rocket reckons there’s something odd about the latest pair, who converse in code and whose stories don’t match. This three-part drama combines a beautiful setting, a cast that includes some familiar faces… and a heroic sheepdog.


Drama about a family taking care of foster children on a farm on the Isle of Man. Ali and Rocket prepare to compete in events at the village's annual show, with their parents Sarah and Peter promising they will have no foster siblings to distract them.

Cast & Crew

Sarah Boulsworth Debra Stephenson
Peter Boulsworth Anthony Flanagan
Liz Naoko Mori
Rocket Boulsworth Joe Gallucci
Alli Boulsworth Helen Smith
Dibber Sparks Jordan Benjamin
Wendy Sparks Kelle Byran
Lena Parkfield Sydney Wade
Tyler McCray Jack Hartley
Healey William Hall
Joe Mark Beswick
Casey Parkfield Keith Rice
The oldest man in the world Ram John Holder
Madison Gia Lodge-O'Meally
Director Dick Campbell
Producer Tom Compton
Writer Nick Leather
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