Murder Files: The Haircut Killer

Series 1 - Episode 1 Murder Files: The Haircut Killer



There’s an off-putting cheap tabloid feel about this true-crime documentary, with its doomy music and an over-excited narration: “This is one of the most chilling scenes ever captured on video… a serial killer on the prowl.”

But the story is harrowing; in 2002 Bournemouth seamstress Heather Barnett was murdered and mutilated and her body, with locks of snipped hair placed in both hands, left in the family bathroom for her children to discover when they returned from school. The murder hunt would eventually lead to the arrest and conviction of a neighbour, Italian Danilo Restivo, who was also found guilty of the murder of a young woman in his home town.


Examining recent murder investigations in the UK to show how police caught their prime suspect, beginning with the case of Danilo Restivo - who had a fetish for cutting women's hair. He was convicted in June 2011 for the 2002 murder of Bournemouth mother-of-two Heather Barnett, whose daughter and sister speak about their ordeal. The film also looks at the case's similarities with the 1993 killing of 16-year-old Elisa Claps that led to Restivo being found guilty of murder in an Italian court in November 2011.