With All My Heart

Series 5 - Episode 9 With All My Heart



Just how long can mad Morgana swish around in her designer cloak and jut out her jaw in that petulant way? Till the end of the series, I suspect, but however scary she thinks she is, it’s something else that frightens me. Whenever Merlin stomps out into the night and roars, at the top of his voice, “OHHHHH DRAGON..!” Absolutely terrifying.

Anyway, the raven avenger is still bent on bringing down Camelot by stealth, and her iron grip on puppet-queen Gwen seems unshakeable. Merlin realises that breaking the spell will require the most powerful sorcery (or “sossery”, as shock-haired sage Gaius calls it). What’s a boy wonder to do? Well, there’s always “OHHHHH DRAGON..!” Shudder.


The warlock is determined to break Morgana's twisted control over Gwen. But it will be no easy task, even for Merlin, as only the most powerful magic can save the Queen - and the high priestess will not give up her puppet without a fight. Fantasy drama, starring Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby.