My Aim Is True

Series 27 - Episode 14 My Aim Is True



Holby City’s ED is getting in the festive mood early this year. Apart from Dylan who might as well have “Bah, humbug!” tattooed on his forehead for all the Christmas cheer he displays. Luckily the female staff have something to be happy about: a good-looking, very posh locum consultant turns up for duty. Unfortunately Dominic Carter has crossed paths (and swords) with Tom Kent before.

There’s also a Christmas health warning about overloading electric sockets, though this develops into something more complex about a young mum with Down’s syndrome. Plus a pointless story about three lads and a crossbow — obviously one of them does get the point.


Zoe and Fletch treat a mother with Down's syndrome and her baby following an accident at home - but when the child has trouble breathing, the woman is accused of poor parenting. Locum consultant Dominic proves to be a real asset to the team, although Tom, who has worked with him before, is unnerved by his arrival. However, he keeps quiet about his concerns when the newcomer is warmly received by his colleagues. Dylan's suspicions about Amanda deepen, so he lets his hair down at the ED Christmas party - where the truth about her is finally revealed.
Drama Soap