Half Moon Investigations

Half Moon Investigations




Comedy drama series, based on Eoin Colfer's best-selling book, in which a schoolboy turns private detective after graduating from an online Academy. Together with his friend Red Sharkey, the junior sleuth sets out to solve playground mysteries ranging from stolen lunchbox goods to dinner money extortion rackets. Rory Elrick and Sebastian Charles star.

Cast & Crew

Fletcher `Half' Moon Rory Elrick
Red Sharkey Sebastian Charles
Mia Stone Olivia Grant
April Devereaux Nicola Duffell
Hazel Moon Robyn Milne
Genie Sharkey Kathleen Kid
Herod Marcus Nash
Mercedes Pink Marion Weaver
Zara Rameet Sandhu
Doobie Robert Carr
Mrs Quinn Jennifer Black
Mr Moon Gary Mackay
Mrs Moon Hilary Maclean
Papa Sharkey Russell Anderson
Executive Producer Josephine Ward
Producer Jonathan Phillips
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