Touchline Tales

Touchline Tales

Series 3 - Episode 1



Des Lynam and Christopher Matthew return for a third series of gently comic meanderings — or in their words, “using sporting occasions to waffle”. Here they’re at Rugby School to watch, naturally enough, a rugby match. Cue discussions as to whether William Webb-Ellis, the boy fabled to have first invented the game when he picked up a football and ran with it, was just an idiot or more a joker akin to Mr Bean.

But what happens on the pitch is nearly always secondary to what is on Des and Christopher’s minds, so we quickly cover everything from the forbidding nature of public schools, the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, unhinged teachers, Victorian novels and why the England rugby team play in white. Entertaining and occasionally informative, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Commentator Des Lynam and avid spectator Christopher Matthew return with a new series of sporting tales and visit renowned venues to reminisce and share stories about their experiences. In this first instalment the friends attend a rugby match at Rugby School in Warwickshire.
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