Secret Removers

Series 2 - Episode 5



I have to admit there’s a nasty little bit of me that longs for the couples in this series to have the same reaction as the owner who burst into tears over Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s ghastly bordello-makeover of her dining room in Changing Rooms. The idea is for a team of interior designers to take over someone’s house move secretly – chucking stuff out, arranging furniture and redecorating the place before unveiling it to the astonished owner(s).

In this episode, composer James Weeks and his violinist wife Sophie are hoping to get a restrained look for their new home with a peaceful room for him to work in.


Claire Smith and George Johnson help violinist Sophie Weeks to surprise her husband with a new family home complete with a peaceful room in which he can work on his compositions without distraction.