The Walking Dead

When the Dead Come Knockin'

Series 3 - Episode 7 When the Dead Come Knockin'



Zombies are the least of Glenn and Maggie’s worries this week. Just when you thought you were desensitised (you can only see so many undead being decapitated before yawning and wondering whether to put the kettle on) malicious Merle turns upon his own. Surely that is what makes this horror series so disturbing: the human beings are as dangerous as the flesh-hungry “walkers”.

While Merle is torturing poor Glenn into revealing his brother’s whereabouts, and Maggie winces next door, Amber discovers more unsettling goings-on in Woodbury: the scientist is conducting an experiment on an elderly resident. Meanwhile, Rick learns about the Governor after rescuing Michonne. The moment when The Walking Dead’s two British stars – Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey – come face to face is finally around the corner.


Rick rescues Michonne from a horde of walkers outside the prison, and brings her to safety. However, his fellow survivors are unsure whether she is trustworthy, until she reveals the reason for her visit. Meanwhile, in Woodbury, the Governor employs increasingly brutal means to squeeze information from captives Glenn and Maggie. Post-apocalyptic drama, starring Danai Gurira.

Cast & Crew

Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln
Michonne Danai Gurira
Andrea Laurie Holden
Glenn Steven Yeun
Maggie Greene Lauren Cohan
The Governor David Morrissey
Merle Dixon Michael Rooker
Carl Grimes Chandler Riggs
Daryl Dixon Norman Reedus
Carol Peletier Melissa McBride
Hershel Greene Scott Wilson
Beth Greene Emily Kinney
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